Internship Openings

Identify and Interview for an Internship

Internships can take place locally, in your own community, or virtually, outside your region. It's a question of what best fits you and what is currently available. The internship program does identify opportunities and we also provide many resources to help you find an intern opportunity. We encourage you to review your options, conduct research, and consider what would be the ideal experience for you.

The internship director and internship coordinator will have a list of available internships. These lists vary from term to term. In some cases, we have developed partnerships with local businesses and they have local intern positions available on a rotating basis. We also have programs within the School, such as the Technology Center, which often have internship opportunities available. Please contact the internship director and internship coordinator for the current list of internships by emailing

We also keep a list of online resources to help identify possible internships. The online resources include both local and virtual positions. Spend some time reviewing your options and consider what position would be the best fit for you.

"During my IT Internship with the My IT Consultant project, I gained more confidence in myself and my abilities. I learned how to better communicate my opinions and goals, as well as a little bit about the marketing process. I now understand what it takes to troubleshoot IT related problems and I am glad I could help the small business owner by doing the research for them."

Jordan Nielsen, BSIT, Network Administration IT Internship, May 2014

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Tips for Identifying an Internship

You can always conduct Internet searches through the many sources currently available online. There are also some very effective low-tech strategies!

Personal Connections

Ask your friends and family for introductions. They might know the perfect person or firm who would be interested in working with an intern.


They have years of experience in the industry. Be polite and develop a professional relationship with your professors. Ask them for referrals and possible leads for companies who may have intern positions available.

Purdue Global Career Services

Remember, Career Services Specialists at Purdue Global are trained professionals! They may be aware of companies interested in hosting interns. They can also help you prepare your resume and conduct mock interviews.

Job Fairs

Whether they are local in your region or virtual, job fairs are an excellent place to begin your search. Work on your resume and elevator speech; print out business cards. Be ready to impress and make those professional connections!

Professional Associations

Have you taken advantage of all the professional associations offered through the Office of Student Life? Have you researched professional associations for your particular specialization? Research them now while you still qualify for student registration fees. Many professional associations have job boards on their sites that can lead to promising internship options!

Meetup Groups

Have you ever attended a Meetup group for professionals? Look up and conduct a search for your region by zip code. It’s entirely possible there will be Meetup groups for web designers, PHP developers, software developers, and programmers. These groups are excellent opportunities to network (for free!) with local people.

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits typically run on a shoestring budget with talented employees and volunteers. They often need databases and websites to be developed, as well as marketing campaigns and network expansions. They have skilled employees on staff who may be excellent mentors or supervisors for an internship. Contact nonprofits in your area and discuss their needs and your interests. There could be a perfect match!

Web Searches

Last, don’t forget all the sites dedicated to internship searches! You can start on popular sites such as and move on to There are many options available, just remember to use the filters (time, location, etc.) to help narrow your search options.

The best place to start searching for regional internships is the same place you would look for a job. All of the popular job boards, such as CareerBuilder and Monster, have the option to search for internships.

Virtual Internship Search

There are also search boards designed for virtual internships. These vary by region and industry. These are a very good place to begin reviewing what sort of companies tend to have more virtual placements and whether that is an appropriate match for your degree plan and career path. For instance, social media and web development are very popular opportunities for virtual intern boards. But network administrators are not as likely to find a match on these types of resources. Your career focus area will play a large role in determining whether your internship is regional or virtual.