IT Internship Business Sponsors

Sponsor an Intern to Gain Motivated Talent for Projects or Temporary Positions!

The internship program in the School of Business and Information Technology has been designed to connect students with various organizations, including small local businesses, large corporations, nonprofit groups and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) to provide opportunities for continued skill development, networking, and assistance in meeting business needs for the sponsor organizations.

We have students across the country who are interested in participating in the internship program in their local area or participating virtually. The virtual internships provide more flexibility for our students as well as for some sponsor groups. We have a very successful track record with virtual internships and would be happy to discuss our solutions with your organization.

There are many potential benefits to sponsoring interns, including:

  • Partnering in education with Purdue Global
  • Providing opportunities for students to connect theory to practice and to hone professional knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Filling temporary leave positions or employee vacation time, or receiving assistance with special projects, via highly motivated, pre-professional interns
  • Sponsoring interns creates a cost-effective solution for screening potential employees
  • Providing feedback and suggestions to the University to help ensure our curriculum meets industry demands and professional expectations

Our Commitment

  • Timeline: Promote and Indentify

    Promote the Internship Position and Identify Candidates for Your Review

    We typically require 3 weeks to begin promoting the role, screen applicants, and prepare them to interview for the role. Once this process is completed and you have chosen the best internship candidate, we coordinate the start date.

    We have three concurrent start-of-term tracks for undergraduates and one track for master's degree students. This translates to a new undergraduate term starting approximately every 5 weeks, and a new master's degree term starting approximately every 6 weeks. Each student’s start date will be unique and handled on a case-by-case basis.

    We are mindful of your business needs and do expedite the process as quickly and smoothly as possible.

  • Timeline: Consider Term Length

    Consider Length of a Student's Term

    Our undergraduate terms last for 10 weeks. Master's-level students take two 6-week sessions of internships, for a total of 12 weeks. This is an important consideration while deciding appropriate tasks and responsibilities for the intern role.

    Project and task complexity vary considerably. Some institutions prefer smaller tasks that can be accomplished completely during the term and others prefer sections or specific benchmarks of a larger project that can be carved out for student completion. It depends on the needs of your business and we can help you evaluate optimal solutions.

  • Business Requirements

    Business Requirements

    Businesses do have very large responsibilities of providing guidance and supervision to the student interns. We do require a specific supervisor to be responsible for the intern. This responsibility involves approving timesheets and providing guidance and resources for projects and tasks. Most importantly, it is a coaching role. We need your assistance in connecting the dots for the students.

    Our goal is to connect the coursework to business needs and practices. Your company or group can be a tremendous asset to help introduce the student to best practices, industry standards, and professional codes of conduct. A very important consideration is to make sure the internship roles and responsibilities are directly associated with the academic studies. We ask the tasks be relevant and further the professional goals of the student while meeting your business needs.

  • Internship Role Description

    Internship Role Description

    Our goal is to recruit the best candidates for your internship position. Please provide us with the following information so we can promote an accurate description of your particular needs, student qualifications, and potential projects. This information helps us recruit appropriate candidates to screen and move on to the interview stage for your organization.

    Please provide the following via email to

    • Name of your business or organization
    • Proposed internship supervisor’s name, title, and contact information
    • Proposed internship position title (the more detailed, the better)
    • Number of openings
    • Estimated work schedule
    • Preferred start and end dates
    • Skills emphasis or qualifications, including specific abilities/knowledge
    • Required training or orientation (i.e., hospitals typically require orientations and background screening)
    • Preferred method of contact (email, phone, fax)