Desiree DePriest

Dr. DePriest is an IT and instructional design professor who has worked at Purdue Global (formerly Kaplan University) for ten years. Her expertise is in information systems and telecommunications in business environments. Dr. DePriest holds a PhD in Management & Organization with emphasis in Information Technology, along with two master’s degrees (Telecom and IS respectively). She has a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology along with three years in law school, which assists greatly in the various areas of business intelligence, policies, and regulations.

Dean’s Message:

Dr. DePriest is the Student Advisor for the Graduate Information Technology Association as well as the Faculty Leadership for KapTechnology, the KapConsulting internship for associate’s- and bachelor’s-level IT students. She loves working extensively with students to apply learning to real-world projects. Dr. DePriest is also the vice-chair of the IRB. She is a consultant/developer in the health care industry.

Dr. DePriest’s publications include research in persuasive and predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and augmented reality, and pattern recognition. She also presents at conferences in these areas. She is also the proud author of a mythological book series, Soul of Idrisa, which has little to do with any of this!


  • PhD, Management and Organization (Emphasis on Information Technology), Capella University
  • Master of Science, Information Systems, Keller Graduate School
  • Master of Science, Telecommunications, Keller Graduate School


  • The Corridor Group, Inc.
  • Park University