Carol Edwards-Walcott

Carol Edwards-Walcott is a course leader, course developer, and faculty advisor in the School of Business and Information Technology at Purdue Global. She is a graduate of American Intercontinental University, and is currently working on her dissertation in a PhD program focusing on E-Learning and Education Technology at Northcentral University.

Her research includes retention issues, best practices in higher education, and Web 2.0 technology in higher education. She is a two-time member of the innovation lab fellows, CAEL certified Portfolio evaluator, Chairman of the Academic Appeals Committee, a notary public for the State of Florida, a Broward county licensed marriage counselor, marriage officer, member of the Online Learning Conferences group, member of Higher Education Teaching and Learning, For profit Education Industry member, Purdue Global official group member, US Distance Learning Association member, Profit & Organization Development Network in Higher Education member, certified tax preparer, and CEO, president, and cofounder of People and Property Development Corporationa nonprofit organization whose mission is to reach out to families and the community.

Dean’s Message:

After taking some time out to raise her children, Carol returned to college and completed her bachelor’s degree and later her master’s degree. Two of her children were in college while she was completing her master’s degree, and she was employed full time.

Before returning to college, she founded PPDI (People & Property Development Incorporated). While in college and working full time, she became a notary public, certified tax preparer, and was licensed by Broward County in Florida to do premarital counseling. Carol is also a marriage minister registered with World Christian Ministries. She was also the founder, President and Vice-President of Education of the Toastmasters International club at the AIU campus in Weston, Florida. She later founded and presided over another Toastmasters club at the Florida Career College in Fort Lauderdale.

During her employment at AIU, she was tasked with helping the students who were at risk. Carol started a program call the SEED program, and created a task group to help the students who were struggling. She started the At-Risk Committee, which later came to be known as the Retention Committee. Outside and in-house talent were utilized in the program to enable and enrich the students. One student, who was on the verge of being suspended, graduated with her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, and also completed her master’s degree to the astonishment of her family members. She attributed her success to the SEED program.


  • PhD (Concentration – E-Learning and Education Technology)—in progress
  • Master of Education, Instructional Technology
  • Bachelor of Information Technology


  • American Intercontinental University
  • Sanford Brown Institute
  • AT&T