HS - Ginger Cameron

Dr. Ginger Cameron

Dr. Ginger Cameron is a faculty member in the Master of Public Health program. Her teaching philosophy stresses the importance of making learning active, relevant and timely.

Dr. Cameron is involved with research and scholarship within the field of public health as well as in teaching and learning. Her area of experience is in public health and epidemiology. She has published her research in scholarly journals and has received numerous awards throughout her career for innovation, community engagement, teaching and student support. Dr. Cameron is active in public and community health efforts in her area. She has done TV and radio spots, worked with the homeless, and is passionate about human trafficking.

Dr. Cameron holds a Doctorate in Public Health/Epidemiology and a Master in Public Health from Walden University, a Master of Arts in Higher Education from Central Michigan University, and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Union University.