GenEd_Russell Fail 150

Dr. Russell Fail

Dr. Fail is the course leader for our Ethics and Religion and Culture courses. He has been an active member in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences since 2006 and has also taught Bioethics, Critical Thinking, and Arts and Humanities. He takes a personal interest in his students and enjoys working closely with fellow colleagues.

Dr. Fail earned his PhD in 2011 researching the ethics of using psychology in child marketing. He also holds a Masters of Divinity and enjoys research using multiple disciplines. Dr. Fail's publications involve applying ethics to various subjects from computer science, literature, history, and bioethics. He has enjoyed serving as an invited speaker to regional and international conferences.

On the personal side, Russell enjoys spending time with his family and working with senior adults. He also enjoys classical literature and hosts the Humanities Department’s book club.