GenEd_Jon Racster

Jon Racster

Mr. Jon Racster joined the Purdue Global (formerly Kaplan University) faculty as a part-time instructor in 2013 and was promoted to full-time adjunct instructor in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2015. He currently teaches SS 211: The 1960s—Reshaping the American Dream, SS 144: Sociology, and SS 310: Exploring the 1960s—An Interdisciplinary Approach.

Jon received his master’s degree in anthropology with a specialization in ethnobotany and medical anthropology from Ohio State University. He completed doctoral course work in anthropology on primatology and later sexuality and gender construction. He is currently pursuing an MA in Sociology from New Mexico State University. Jon earned bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and psychology from Miami University, Ohio.

Jon lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his partner and three dogs. He is an avid gardener, reader, and gamer. Jon is a self-proclaimed eco-nerd and sci-fi/fantasy geek. Jon is a classic Gen-Xer and enjoys literature and media with a supernatural theme.