GenEd_Galia Fussell

Galia Fussell

Galia Fussell earned a PhD in linguistics and three master’s degrees: Master of Arts in English, German, and Russian. She also holds Master of Science in Criminal Justice with the emphasis in global issues in criminal justice. She graduated from legal studies program, and she is also a National Association of Legal Assistants-Paralegals certified paralegal.

Dr. Fussell has more than 20 years of teaching and administrative experience in higher education. She was the chair of English and the chair of the theory and practice of translation departments; the vice-chancellor for international relations for the university system; the coordinator of European Union’s Tempus Project on curricula development; the coordinator of Student-Exchange Program between the European universities; a full-time professor at the University of Pedagogy and Humanities and the University of Economics, Management, and Law. She also served as an official opponent at dissertation committees of three universities: the University of Pedagogy and Humanities, Kazan State University, and Bashkort State University, Russia.

Currently, she is a full-time faculty member at the School of General Education.

She loves dearly her students and teaching. It makes her happy and proud when her students succeed. She enjoys staying with her husband and her two sons. Both sons are in the U.S. Army. The older son served in Iraq as a Combat Medic.