GenEd_Dan Burrello

Dan Burrello

Mr. Dan Burrello joined the Purdue Global (formerly Kaplan University) faculty as a part-time instructor in 2009 and was promoted to full-time adjunct instructor in 2015. He currently teaches SS 310: Exploring the 1960s—An Interdisciplinary Approach and SS 211: The 1960s—Reshaping the American Dream. He also serves as a subject matter expert for portfolio evaluation in the fields of psychology and martial arts.

Mr. Burrello earned his master’s degree in psychology with a concentration in counseling, and his Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing with a concentration in fiction. His research involved study into the connections between collective apocalyptic thinking, competitive mythology, and modern cultures. He has lectured at science fiction conventions and provided interviews on this topic; most recently he was featured in the nationally released book Halloween Nation: Behind the Scenes of America's Fright Night, by Lesley Bannatyne (2011).

Dan’s avocations include 30 years of skateboarding/surfing and 30 years of teaching martial arts professionally. He enjoys acting on stage and in a few films. His most recent film, Golden Blade 3, was featured last summer in the Action-On Film Festival in Los Angeles. In 2006, he created the Asheville Zombiewalk, which has become a yearly tradition, and was featured on MSNBC and CNN.