BS - Sam DiGiammarino

Sam DiGiammarino

Mr. Enrico L. “Sam” DiGiammarino, Jr. is a member of the American Management Association. As a management consultant, he assisted a number of motor carriers transition from an economically regulated environment to the newly deregulated environment. He has owned several successful private businesses. He joined Purdue Global (formerly Kaplan University) as an adjunct professor in 2005 and became a full-time faculty member in 2008.

Mr. DiGiammarino also has a passion for flying. He owns a high performance single-engine aircraft and is a certified flight instructor. He has over 3,000 flying hours and volunteers with Angel Flight to fly people in need for specialized medical treatment.

Dean’s Message:
“During Mr. DiGiammarino’s career, he had the opportunity to work with some esteemed industry leaders; most notably, he worked directly with Dr. W. Edwards Deming on an important nationwide study of the for-hire trucking industry. Dr. Deming is widely known as the ‘Father of the Quality Evolution.' Mr. DiGiammarino wrote an article that was published in the Transportation Law Journal as one of the keystone economic arguments for deregulating the trucking industry."


  • Post-master’s level courses in management, Georgia State University and North Central University
  • Master of Business Administration, Transportation and World Business, San Francisco State University
  • Bachelor of Science in Economics, Gannon University


  • Quality Lifestyles Marketing, Partner (health insurance)
  • Senior Services Network, Inc., Previous Owner (health insurance)
  • ELD Associates, Management Consulting, Owner (transportation, cost accounting)
  • Southern Motor Carriers Rate Conference, Director of Economics
  • Interstate Commerce Commission, Senior Motor Carrier Cost Analyst

Areas of Teaching:

  • Business Management
  • Economics
  • Marketing

Publications and Presentations Include:

  • "Does Your Institution Need a Second Life?", ACEE Conference, Orlando, FL, October 2010

  • “Does Purdue Global Need a ‘Second Life’?”, Purdue Global Online Conference Proceedings, August 2008.

  • Second Life Virtual World as a Possible Venue for Improving On-Line Student Retention and Academic Success, November 2007, Purdue Global Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.

  • Second Life Faculty Beginners Orientation Tour, Phases I, II, and III, June 2008, Purdue Global Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning.

  • Maximize Student Learning by Incorporating PowerPoint Slides in the Purdue Global Live Seminar, Using the Whiteboard, February 2007, Purdue Global Faculty Retreat.

  • Designed and presented 3-day seminar, Preparation for the Federal Aviation Administration’s Private Pilot’s Knowledge Exam, November 2005.

  • Designed and presented 3-day seminar, Practical Ground School for Instrument Flight Rules: Operations Involving Flight in Instrument Meteorological Conditions, February 2003.