Leverage Resources and Networks

Speak and Listen to Practitioners in the Field

As you research a profession or start a job hunt it’s important to speak and listen to others who are currently in that role or career of your career of choice and who work with the employers you are interested in. You may not personally know other professionals in your desired career, but there are still opportunities and ways to identify them, reach out, and network accordingly. Speaking and listening to someone who’s doing it can go a long way in helping you make a more informed decision about what you need to do to work and succeed in your desired field.

  • Identify People You Know in the Field — These do not need to be the closest of friends; they can be acquaintances, people you met in passing, or contacts through others in your network. Make a list and reach out. Leverage LinkedIn.
  • Speak and Listen to Those Who Are in the Role and Profession — Develop a contact list and schedule. Then commit to and execute that schedule. Gain insight on options within those career paths, which you may not have considered. Discuss challenges these individuals might have encountered along the way and how they overcame them.
  • Seek out Websites With Professional Testimonials — At Purdue Global, we encourage new and potential students to view our testimonial videos related to different degree programs, speak to our practicing faculty, who have their own professional experience, and connect with peers within their social networks.
  • View Industry and Topical Webinars — Industry or topical webinars on the latest trends and challenges impacting professions are also a great resource. You can seek out industry organizations, consultants, and vendors for industry and topical webinars.

Now that you’ve spoken to practicing professionals, document what you’ve learned and combine it with your research about your desired profession. Then, compare the qualifications employers are looking for with what the job calls for to develop your comprehensive career game plan to detail the steps needed to properly prepare for a career in your chosen profession.

Next in this Series: Execute Your Career Game Plan