Features and Facilities

Facilities Designed to Help You Learn

Discover the features and facilities of our St. Louis, Missouri, campus and how we are here to support your educational goals.

Flexibility to Study on Your Schedule

Purdue Global's flexible learning options give you the choices you need for starting your education. Get all the benefits of online learning with added on-ground support. See how you can benefit from a new type of learning. 

Purdue Global's St. Louis campus offers these great features:

  • Meet in person with advising and Financial Aid Officers 
  • Review unofficial transcripts during the interview to determine program options
  • Onsite classes
  • Online and onsite tutoring
  • Meet other classmates even when enrolled in online courses
  • Easy access to 24/7 tech support
  • Online learning with on-ground support
  • Community events 

Program and Activities

Providing students with a dynamic, stimulating on-campus experience is part of Purdue Global’s ongoing commitment to excellence. Here’s just a sample of what’s happening:

        • Annual Community Awareness Day 
        • Success Center workshops on topics such as time management, APA style, study skills, and more 
        • Awards and receptions each term for President’s and Dean’s List students 
        • Faculty luncheons 
        • Pizza days 
        • Spring and summer family picnics 
        • Teacher Appreciation Day luncheon 
        • Holiday celebrations