Features and Facilities

Facilities Designed to Help You Learn

Discover the features and facilities of our Lincoln, Nebraska, location and how we are here to support your educational goals.

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Onsite Facilities

The Lincoln location consists of specially built classrooms, computer and medical labs, student lounge facilities, and administrative offices. Conveniently located near business and cultural activities, our facilities are partially accessible to persons with physical impairments.

Additional Facilities

The location also has a learning resource center and Financial Aid, Student Accounts, and Admissions departments. Our onsite learning resource center contains a variety of journals, publications, and other resources for research and general studies. In addition, students are granted additional access through the State Open Access Program. The student lounge is located on the second floor of the 57,000 square-foot facility.

Classroom Equipment

The Lincoln location has eight computer labs that are available for student use. All classrooms are equipped with ceiling-mounted overhead projectors and computers.

Program-Specific Labs

Nursing Lab

The nursing lab features two state-of-the-art simulation suites in addition to five hospital bays. The simulation suites house two high-fidelity human simulators—one Sim Man Essential and a Noelle birthing simulator. The simulators have the ability to simulate realistic human symptoms and conditions, including blinking, sweating, heart rates, blood pressures, moaning, and crying. Our Noelle birthing simulator also simulates childbirth. The hospital bays in the rest of the lab house additional mid-fidelity human simulators, which have some of the same features as the high-fidelity simulators in their ability to have heart rates and blood pressures. All simulators and laboratory equipment are used to provide students with realistic patient care experiences in controlled learning environments.

Criminal Justice Lab

The Firearm Training Simulator (FATS) room has a multitude of firearm simulation scenarios that are created for the HD screen. The system is used to help students learn judgmental decision making skills, recollection of events, and report writing. We also have a dedicated Criminal investigation (CI) room with hands-on skills exercises including latent fingerprinting, trace evidence collection, blood spatter analysis, foot and tire casting, and many more field type experiences.