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Student Testimonial–Joe Amoral

Joe Amoral

 In 2012, my long retail career ended, and I was faced with a decision to continue on, or start something new. Purdue Global [formerly Kaplan University] became the agent of change in my new life. I thought about which direction I wanted to head, and I knew I wanted to make a difference in peoples' lives. Health care became my ultimate choice and I started down the path to becoming a medical assistant, with an ultimate aim of becoming a registered nurse. I quickly found out, I was going to love health care, and the exemplary instructors instilled in me a sense of discovery and a renewed love of learning, which had laid dormant for many years.

With the support of advisers, instructors, and all the support staff in Lewiston, Maine, I finished with many honors (Dean's award and President's Cup), and immediately started working as a medical assistant in the clinic where I did my internship.

Once this was accomplished I set my sights on nursing school through the location in Augusta, Maine. The faculty and staff again allowed me to excel and become a leader, even among nursing cohorts before and after me. All the while, through both MA and nursing school, I was able to become a student tutor, which sparked a love of teaching inside me. I eventually finished nursing school, took my NCLEX exam, passed on the first try, and am now a practicing RN. The knowledge and information I developed gave me fully prepared me for all of these exciting life changes.

As if all of this wasn't enough, about a year before I finished nursing school, I was approached about possibly becoming an adjunct professor in the Health Sciences department. The training, guidance, and mentorship, and all the many professionals I encountered along the way, has now given way to me officially being an adjunct professor in the Health Sciences department, and my love for teaching is only increasing. And as if this wasn't enough, I am taking this love of educating, and am now enrolled in Master of Science in Nursing program.

I cannot express deeply or strongly enough what the University has meant or done for me. My life has drastically altered in a positive way.


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