Features and Facilities

Facilities Designed to Help You Learn

Discover the features and facilities of our Davenport, Iowa campus and how we are here to support your educational goals.

CR- Student Groups

Practical Facilities at our Davenport Campus

The Davenport campus encompasses 35,000 square feet of specialty built classrooms, computer and medical labs, student lounge facilities, and administrative offices. Conveniently located near the highway system, our facilities are partially accessible to persons with physical impairments. Surrounding area info includes businesses such as Hyvee, Walgreens, and McDonalds. Garfield Park is two blocks south of the campus and features a Frisbee golf course.

Bus passes are available at no cost to student and buses frequently drop off at the corner of the school parking lot. Parking is available in the front, on the side, and in the back of the school.

The campus features a student lounge with community information postings, beverage and snack machines, and a comfortable reading area with couches and chairs.

We Proudly Promote Our Recycling Program

DA - recycle

We have teamed with Great Western Supply Co., City Carton Recycling, and SCA Tissue to become a closed loop campus. The term “closed loop” describes the process in which post-consumer waste materials are converted into new products to be re-used by the original source. In this case, the campus’s shredded office paper, boxes, and old newspapers and magazines are recycled and returned in the form of paper towels and bathroom tissue.

In the first year of this initiative, the campus recycled 5,000 lbs of paper through City Carton Recycling. The paper-based recycled materials will be processed through SCA Tissue and distributed back to the campus through Great Western Supply Co.—closing the loop. 

Computer Rooms

The campus has 3 computer labs, each of which can accommodate approximately 25 students. Students are free to use the labs any time the campus is open, as long as they are not being used for classes. In addition, the library and the Academic Success Center have computers for student use.

Program Specific Labs

Firearms Training Room 

The atmosphere of the room offers a great simulation of actual police interaction with the public, including flashing lights, the sound of firearms, verbal interactions with the public, and the verbal commands from the officer during training. The training room has a ceiling-mounted FATS machine with a 16’ x 8’ screen. There are 2 Glock 17 handgun simulators and 2 OC spray simulators, as well as a portable speaker system, a police rooftop flashers unit, and CO2 tanks for the guns (to provide life-like recoil). The room is capable of training up to 15 people at a time.

Medical Facilities 

Our medical labs have the tools you need to gain hands-on experience in clinical procedures commonly performed in medical offices. Purdue Global's medical assisting program has clinical laboratories, and our simulated patient examining areas include:

  • Examination tables and equipment
  • Phlebotomy drawing stations
  • EKG machines
  • Medical supplies
  • Hospital beds

Tutoring Services 

  • Tutoring services for each of our programs with tutors on a rotating schedule in order to help our students succeed.
  • Career Development Center to help students develop their resumes, search for career information and opportunities, and develop a working relationship with our Career Services Advisors.
  • E-Learning Center Lab has computers with Internet access for students taking online classes to access the online classroom.