School of General Education

In Brief

Purdue University Global’s School of General Education supports the academic, social, personal, and professional development of learners throughout their engagement with the University. The primary goal of the General Education program is to ensure that, through repeated practice throughout their program, students will understand the interrelationship of broad fields of human inquiry and how they apply to their personal and professional lives. Specifically, we expect students to understand and apply the basic concepts of arts and humanities, communication, critical thinking, ethics, mathematics, research, science, social science, and technology. These concepts or literacies are included in at least one unit of study in every course.

The School provides course instruction in composition, mathematics, social science, science, humanities, and student success. In addition to instruction, the School hosts numerous events every year for faculty to engage in professional development and academic discussions.

Annual General Education Conference

In 2019, the School of General Education held their 11th annual 3-day General Education Virtual Conference. University faculty and staff were invited to submit proposals related to the conference theme, Explore Beyond: Building for the Future Through General Education. The conference is designed to offer University employees a forum to discuss and learn about the importance of general education for students across the University.

National Recognition

Kaplan University (now Purdue Global) received the 2016 Association for General and Liberal Studies (AGLS) Exemplary Program Award in Revision or Enhancement of a Program. The Award recognizes the University's continuous quality improvement process in its approach to online course assessment and integration of general education outcomes. AGLS is a national organization dedicated to sustaining general education and liberal studies programs at institutions across the United States. Learn more about AGLS.

Leadership and Faculty



Updated 10/16/2019