Open College at Purdue University Global

In Brief

Open College at Purdue University Global offers individualized, affordable education that integrates technology and personalized service to help learners meet their career, academic, and personal goals. Open College comprises three primary areas of focus: prior learning assessment, open college courses, and unique open-degree programs. Open College provides several avenues for students to earn credit for their learning and experiences including course assessments, experiential learning, and external assessments and resources.

Open College Programs

Open College offers two programs, the Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies and the Associate of Science in Professional Studies. These are interdisciplinary, open-degree programs that allow students to design a curriculum that meets their professional and personal interests. Each student in an Open College program will complete an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) and review it with their faculty advisor. The faculty advisor will help guide the student to identify potential methods to earn credit for previous professional and academic experiences, assist the student in selecting an area of focus for his or her studies, and determine a time frame to complete the degree.

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Open College Courses

Open College currently offers 15 self-paced courses. LRC100: Documenting Your Experiences for College Credit guides students through the process of creating an experiential learning portfolio to showcase the knowledge they acquired through work, volunteer activities, and life experiences. By submitting a completed experiential learning portfolio for assessment, students can petition to earn credit for almost any undergraduate college course offered at Purdue Global.

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Updated 10/16/2019