Faculty Recruitment

As faculty (adjunct and full-time) vacancies arise, the Department Chair submits a requisition with the corresponding job title, qualifications, and credentials based on the course(s) to be taught.

To teach at Purdue Global, faculty hold an academic degree relevant to what they are teaching and at least one level above the level at which they teach, except in terminal degree programs (EJD, JD, and DNP), for which faculty members hold the same level of degree. If a faculty member holds a master’s degree or higher in a discipline or subfield other than that in which he or she is teaching, that faculty member has completed a minimum of 18 graduate credit hours in the discipline or subfield in which they teach. For our graduate programs, specifically, faculty hold the terminal degree determined by the discipline and have a record of research, scholarship, or achievement appropriate for their program. For some programs, specific licensure is also required.

A handful of our faculty have waivers from this policy. Waivers must be approved by the Chief Academic Officer and the Faculty Senate. Currently, we have 12 faculty with either temporary or permanent waivers.

Upon approval of requisition, Recruitment hosts a meeting with the Department Chair to review the role, qualifications, and credential requirements. Recruitment advertises openings on our Purdue Global careers website; all positions are posted internally for a minimum of five (5) business days. Often, we will revisit a pool of candidates who are stored in our Applicant Tracking System from previous searches. As needed, based on candidate pipelines, Recruitment actively sources from academia and/or industry-related job boards, organizations, and publications.

For full-time faculty positions, a member of the Recruitment team reviews resumes submitted, phone screens candidates with relevant experience, credentials, and licensure, and partners with school leadership to schedule and conduct formal interviews.

It is important to note that nearly all full-time positions are filled by our existing adjunct population; thus, selections are largely considered promotions.

For adjunct faculty positions, Recruitment screens resumes received and forwards all candidates who meet minimum qualifications to the Department Chair for further review and consideration. Based on Department Chair feedback, prescreens are conducted via video interview or a school-specific prescreen questionnaire. The Department Chair reviews submissions and determines who will move forward to the formal interview stage. Final interviews are administered and selection decisions are made at the school level.

Upon selection, Recruitment generates letters of engagement, initiates the preemployment background check, and ensures proper notification to candidates who were not selected. Once the candidate clears the background check, Recruitment initiates onboarding within the HRIS system (Workday) while Faculty Operations collects official transcripts and related credentials to assure course requirements are met based on a master listing of course credentials.

Finally, all new faculty attend new faculty orientation, an intensive training course covering Purdue Global's student populations, cognitive processes most likely to help students succeed, and Purdue Global's teaching environment and course platform. The program takes approximately 12 hours to complete. Faculty Operations notifies the Department Chair once the candidate completes orientation and is approved to begin teaching, at which point course assignment is made and a letter of engagement is issued.

Updated 7/31/2019